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Documentation is one of the important factors in making a quality claim. Waiting for documentation will delay the process of your claim. Having documents in hand for meeting with your Florida Public Adjuster will expedite your claim and help process your claim faster. Please prepare the necessary documents enumerated in the check list below for your Public Adjuster to pick up at your meeting (if available).

Claim Document Check List

  • Copy of the complete policy
  • Copies of all communications between yourself and the insurance company.
  • Copies of payment received from the insurance company (if any).
  • Copy of the Adjuster’s Summary, any engineering reports etc.
  • Copies of any communications, contracts, invoices, checks, receipts from contractors or anyone else that performed any repairs or temporary repairs to premises.
  • Any appraisals or inspections done at time of purchase or refinancing.
  • Inventory of personal property damaged and any receipts if available.
  • Digital files of Pictures, pictures of damaged property before (if available) and after the loss. Your Public Adjuster will have thumb drive/USB Flash drive. You can either copy from your computer or provide a CD. If digital files are not available, you can provide copies of pictures.
  • Have all damaged property accessible for inspection.
  • If all or part of your home was damaged and you had to make other accommodations; receipts for lodging, leases, additional expenses incurred such as eating out etc. 
  1. Have your operations been interrupted?
  • Copies of Loss of Income documents such as cancellation of product delivery, rent roll, proof of income before and after the loss, postponed contracts, etc.

2. Have you had your personnel work on clean up or assist in any temporary repairs?

  • Any payroll records, hours, statements to reflect loss for personnel work on clean up, repair or expended time as result of your damage.

3. Did you purchase any additional equipment and materials?

  • Receipts/Invoices

4. Did you have to relocate as result of damages?

  • Supporting documents such as Leases, contracts, checks, etc.

5. Did you suffer loss of income/additional labor expenses as result of damages?

  • Provide documentation, copies of invoices, checks, etc. for any of these losses.

6. All documents related to Business interruption and extra expense claims if to be presented.


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